Is Getting Out On Bail Considered A Get Out Of Jail Free Card?

In the world of games there is a phrase known as “get out of jail free”.  When we look at bailbonds San Diego and the court system, many people believe that if they hire a bondsman to get them out of jail, all of their legal issues are resolved.  In fact, this is only the start of the process of your legal issues.

When you find yourself in trouble and seeking the services of a company similar to Acme Bail Bonds San Diego, you are working with the court system to keep you out of jail while you await your day in court.  You are still required to appear in court and answer the charges brought against you, however, this allows the jail system to stay clean and allows you to time to gather money for any fines and keep your life as normal as possible.

So getting a bondsman isn’t a get out of jail free card.  In fact, you will need to pay the bondsman ten percent of the bond that you were issued by the court.  Until that money is received, you will be forced to stay in jail.

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Can you commit crimes while on bond?

Well, you can’t commit crimes when you are on or off a bond.  If you are on bond and commit a crime, then you will have your bond revoked, your original charged reinstated fully, no new bond will be issued to you and you will need to stay in jail.

Can I skip court, and everything will go away?

No – this is the entire point of a bond.  You are being let out with the understanding that you need to appear in court.  If you fail to appear in court, the judge will issue you a warrant, you will need to pay off the entire bond that was originally issued and you will face a slew of other charges and issues.